Speedpaint Sunday 21

Through some sort of serendipity. my brush settings happened to be left in a way that was really nice for sketching. So I did this:


Then I tried to throw some colors over it. I eventually ended up changing the sketch to a warm grey so it wouldn’t be quite so obvious:

I went back and cleaned up some of the construction lines- it didn’t help that they were a color that blended in if they were all over the place:

After unsuccessfully wrestling with techniques that I only partially understand, I decided to go back to my Photoshop roots of Multiplied Grey for the sake of making a decent-looking image tonight, and ended up with this:

I’m actually pretty happy with this. The areas of shadow are a little muddy and my brush strokes are slightly uneven, but in a few places, like the spines on the head and the forehead itself, it really works. I think I’ll pick this up again later, but I ought to be a Responsible Adult and go to bed early, because I have a long week ahead of me, starting tomorrow.

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