Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 851: Catthedragon II.

Remember Catthedragon, and how I wanted to revisit him? Well, I did, though it ended up not being the anatomical studies I had first set out to do.

10172013 - Cattthedragon II.

When I sat down to work on it, I just remembered the attitude he mentioned

… Hmm… maybe something prideful or brave? Either that or happy and snuggly. Your pick. ^^

I had planned on doing some wing studies with the equal-length vanes (that’s the word, not “wing-fingers…” Sheesh.) and maybe some claws, since there are no thumbs and only four fingers (versus the five vanes), but I got all caught up in “prideful dragon climbs the Speaking Rock,” and here we are.

For some reason, the mechanical pencils I bought at Target last year are acting funny (which is odd, because graphite doesn’t spoil), so I couldn’t get quite as dark lines with them as I wanted, at least not without scarring up the pages. Might’ve been a paper finish thing, looking back on it. So anyway, I ended up going to the Old Reliable Ebony Pencil (and I should probably get some extras, as I seem to only have a few left) and laid down some darker lines.

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