Dragon-A-Day, Day 70

Spent most of today coloring, then sketching for my holiday cards (which I need to color as well, so i can get them printed and out in time). I did a lot of artwork that I’m happy with, but didn’t give any thought to sketching a dragon for today’s post, and my idea well is a little low this evening.

Fortunately, my draconity queue has a few description in it still, so here is Rocangus. He writes:

Style: Western Feral
Size: Total length is 10′, wing span is also 10′. Height to the head is roughly 4′.
Build: Rather slim, but not skinny. Slimness is to reduce weight and give better flying ability.
Horns: Two, straight. A bit shorter than the head. They are on even spaces from the middle of the head, pointing at roughly a 45 degree angle backwards and upwards, and a bit out to the sides.
Wings: Bat-like, semi-transparent membranes. Has four “fingers” and a claw that would be the thumb of a human’s hand, although very under-proportioned to the fingers.
Spikes: Refer to the topic I linked to up there [on the messageboard].
Misc: Not much to say, perhaps that his snout bulges upwards towards the end. He can control the atmospheric conditions about him though, such as building up a sphere of compressed air in his mouth that he then blasts away to fight with, mostly.


He mentioned the dragon’s flying ability, breath weapon and fighting-ness, so I focused on those, giving him an overall light build and a deep keel The hindlegs probably ought to be bigger, but I kind of drew myself into a corner. The spikes he mentioned were a row of short spikes from the top of the head to the tip of the tail.

I’m pretty happy with this, though I kind of wish I’d showed the entire wing and thumb structure, for completeness.

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