Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,337: The Long Road Home.

This was a large part of the backlog that never quit:

05272015 - The Long Road Home.

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“Instead of taking the bus home, I took a plane to DC, then a plane to NYC. Unfortunately, due to some weather and my own indecision (and some greasy mac & cheese) I am trapped in DC. Instead of taking the “discounted” Best Western rate of $89, I am stubbornly staying in the airport. If I sleep at all before my flight, it will be sprawled over my valuables, as befitting my nature.”

My (new, and in fact second) flight in the morning was cancelled as well, so I just got on the 2am Greyhound bus and got back to NY around 630, half an hour before my last cancelled flight would have even left. I kind of staggered around in a daze since then.

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