About This Blog

Dragon-A-Day is roughly three parts sketchblog, two parts concept art, half a part of creative writing and maybe a red-headed stepchild of a part journal. While its primary focus is the artwork and the thought process behind making said artwork, a lot of attention gets paid to things that are related to the collective mythology of dragons (with particular emphasis on Western-style dragons). I won’t pretend to know every bit of dragon lore ever written, but I will do my best to keep an open mind whenever necessary or applicable.

Because of this, Dragon-A-Day operates with a few things considered to be understood:

First and foremost: the basics:

Dragons are long-lived, usually large-sized (as in larger than the typical human being), often physically (or in some cases magically) powerful reptilian creatures known for (among other things) collecting, guarding or otherwise accumulating material wealth. They are typically capable of flight (whether wing-propelled, buoyancy- or magic-based) and are often known for being able to emit some sort of destructive force (most often fire or poison, though in modern usage, others exist, like electricity, acid, or frost) from their mouths.

Dragons exist in low-technology, sometimes magical worlds: While I do reserve the right to explore the idea of dragons living alongside fossil-fuel powered vehicles and man-made electricity, the majority of the dragons that you will find here live in settings largely without sophisticated machinery, instead relying on magic for similar (albeit less common) effects.

Dragons, like other intelligent beings, have capacity for good and evil: Some (but not all) Western mythologies demonize the dragon, and this is a concept that I have occasionally touched upon before, and will probably continue to explore, however briefly or randomly.

Dragons share this strange collective unconsciousness that I don’t entirely understand: I refer to it as “The Dreaming,” but I haven’t written anything hard and fast about it. I’m more pointing this out to help you understand what might be happening if things start to get strange.

There are probably other things I should be explaining about this, but this page has been sitting around as a draft for more than two years, and I can’t think of anything else relevant about the blog. I’ll edit it as it (eventually) comes to me.