Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 107

By now, Facebook and Twitter have pretty much made this old news already , but there was an earthquake in Virginia today. I can personally confirm that the ground shook as far as New York City, though rumors/reports say that the shaking went farther north and west as far as Detroit and as far south as Georgia.

While not nearly as catastrophic as other earthquakes that have been on my mind, this was a little different because, well, I was there. For a whole 20 seconds or so anyway. *

I suppose that this is something of a corollary to this piece that I did back in January 2010; I tried to avoid the same pose, though the fact that I tend to draw the Earthquake Dragon sporadically combined with its irregular shape made completing this to any real level of satisfaction a tad difficult.

I had also wanted to do a bit of in-character dialogue, but I figured that the description was a little more important for posterity, for those who should find or inherit my sketchbook.


*And the hour and some of disconcerting bemusement as the city seemed halfway decided to take the rest of the day off, while the other half was nonchalantly going on about its bsiness as though nothing at all had happened.

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