Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 109

So with the largest city (as of this writing) in the United States (where I happen to reside) facing evacuation and near-total shutdown because of the impending landfall of a hurricane along with the sudden very real need to prepare for a disaster, what awe-inspiring, terrifying, uncaring beast have I drawn tonight?


The Lady has no great love for lettuce. Red Leaf lettuce, once you’ve picked the outer leaves off of it, has a shape like this little dragon’s tail, not unlike a long-handled feather duster or a lion’s tail. So, after fretting for several hours about the possibility of being trapped in the new apartment without electricity or access to the outside world, to say nothing of the logistics of moving into the new apartment in the first place, I tickled her cheeks with the last of the lettuce, insisting that it only wanted to be her friend.

We laughed.

We probably needed to laugh.

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