Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 140

Due to the vagaries of freelance work, I have been drawing all day today. Drawing, and vectoring. I think that sketching every day has helped me get faster about it, but still, it was a bit of an ordeal, at least in part because of the problems I had last night.

Anyways,  after a day of coming up with ideas on my own (the client gave me carte blanche, which, while liberating, is also daunting), I was kind of uninspired tonight, and more than a little wrung out, brain-wise.

So I did this. The pose isn’t great, but overall, I believe that the anatomy/design is strong. Mostly I wanted to draw a wide, flat head and a longish neck. The rest of it sort of fell into place, though I should have done a bit more planning with the limbs:

And I need to get away from my computer for awhile. Good night everyone!

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