Speedpaint Sunday 25

So after 165 days, I missed a step.

I forgot to draw last night because I was pretty much running on fumes last night and got bushwhacked by a cold. After I finished the last piece of artwork for that gig I mentioned a day or so ago, all I could think of was trundling off to bed and convalescing.


In my half-shivery, sniffly state, I found the gumption to do this:

I found myself kind of impressed by what I wrought so far., though I did find myself hitting a wall towards the end when I tried to separate the lower jaw from the mass of the head. I’m especially proud of the brow ridges and the blush on the cheeks, which I mostly did with blues and yellows in proximity to the main green I used for the underpainting.

Using my trusty Scatter Brush along with another brush that I made on a whim, I was able to create that vaguely impressionistic texture on the back of the head and on the cheeks. I’m still having the same problem with hard edges that i’ve been griping about for months, but I definitely feel like I’m making a breakthrough, which makes me happy.

An now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get some fluids and probably go to bed.

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