Some good news.

Trying my hand at rendering again:

It's a catastrophe!

Did this for the Catastrophic Dragon contest over at ArtOrder, and about 2 minutes after I sent it in a fit of last-minute near panic, I realized that I was actually early for once. That means I might be able to go back and re work it, but I’m happy with it so far- the dragon anyway; the background could use some work…

Given the nature of the creature:

the basic concept of the catastrophic dragon is simple. They are infused with the elemental fury that brings about catastrophic effects in the world. So, a volcanic Dragon is infused with the elemental fury of the volcano.

The dragon to design for the contest was the embodiment of “earthquake.” Understanding that, I wouldn’t have given it wings, (seeing as it’s a very ground-bound force of destruction) but the reference for the concept was winged, and the general D&D dragon shape includes wings.

Anyhow, I’m tuckered out from hurrying this; I need to go do something unimportant for a little while.

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