Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 185

I’ll be Out of Town for the next few days for Thanksgiving, but should have computer access. Just giving you out there a heads-up.

Anyhoo, I did a quick sketch of the cosmic-horrorish dragon from last night, wondering about what the rest of it would be like/where its parts could go.

Instead of keeping the wings I had dropped in last night, which in my head started making it look like some sort of obscene butterfly, I opted for six forelimbs, though that’s probably not immediately obvious from the sketch there.

The actual shape of the head was a little tricky to replicate, and I know that I didn’t quite get it right. I was tempted to make the tail much longer, that it might slither arounf on it, but I figured that all the limbs together could be ambulatory.

I’m not sure what possessed me to make the last pair so small. I think it works, though. Lastly, the dragon needs a name. I’m leaning away from [Descriptor] [dragon synonym]-style names, so I’m kind of drawing a blank at present.

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