Speedpaint Sunday 42

So it’s Sunday, and instead of regaling you with tales of mounting frustration, I’m going to tell you something that I was at least a little proud of today.

I did this today:

It actually was a successful drawing, and I’m proud of it. It started off as some really annoyed squiggles after being frustrated with finding lots of “tutorials” that are actually just time-lapse videos set to music (not helpful), but I pulled something out of it and that made me really happy.

Then I laid colors over it.

And I felt pretty good. Making the leap to shadows and stuff never really happened; I went and tweaked up the line drawing a lot (I kind of wish i had thought to save the WIPs), and threw multiplied greys over it to try and have some sort of base to go forward (this didn’t end well), but I really think that as of right now, I think too much in lines to be an effective painter. I need to start at the beginning, because I just don’t seem to “see” light, shadows and texture the way that a more painterly artist might.

This realization doesn’t bother me; I’m good at what I do. But it goes a long way towards explaining my wrestling with this knotty problem.

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