Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 304

So I tried to do a bit of Dragonworld fan art, mostly from memory, because I didn’t have the book handy when I started. I did pick it up later on, and made (a lot of) corrections:

Admittedly, I probably could have spent more time on fixing this, but I’m still more than a little sleep-deprived these days.

In brief: I had trouble nailing Zucker’s distinct “scraggle” (there are a lot of scraggly beards in the book, and the dragons are apparently no exception). Looking long at the images in the book made me realize that this, along with a host of others probably had more than a little influence on my own art style (as well as chosen subject matter, but that’s a bit of a given); the large eyes and mild (though probably accidental) expressiveness of the coldrakes’ faces are similar to conventions I have used in my own work.

I don’t quite feel like I’ve done this the justice it deserves, and will probably pick it up again tomorrow…ish. G’night everybody!

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