Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 322

Still thinking on the Rule of Cool thoughts I had last night, and trying to reconcile some things in my head about filter-feeding, because I was thinking about manta rays, baleen whales and flamingos on and off today, and this dragon is really like none of those. At the same time, it might be because I am thinking “dragon,” which in my head is often synonymous with “predator,” so I could just be in some weird mental feedback loop:

Something I’m having trouble wrapping mt head aroound: Similar creatures in real life (ie: whales) have yards of filtering apparati, though the flamingo is a notable exception.

But still, I’m feeling stuck about how the filters should work.

I don’t like the idea of drifting with an open mouth, like a manta ray, and it’s too small to gulp like a humpback. I like the [idea of a] long tongue cleaning strainers, but how to arrange them…?

Maybe I’ll just use the original configuration, but make them external- I first thought they would fold into/out of the mouth.

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