Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 366

I didn’t feel like hexagons tonight, so I started with a shape, realized that it wasn’t a very optimal shape, tweaked it slightly and ended up with this:

It’s not immediately obvious now, because I put all that armor on top of it, but the head had more of a curve to it, almost like a flamingo’s beak. I had still planned for the dragon to have Littleface syndrome, but with the curved, heavily plated head, it would be incredibly hard for the dragon to see anything without craning its neck all the time. Which might not matter because of its incredible size (that’s a human-sized figure the dragon is myopically regarding there), but still, the first iteration just screamed Rule of Cool, and I didn’t like it.

This, however, I do like. Makes me want to do things with atmospheric perspective and painting with sampled textures.

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