Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 480: Married to the Maw.

So I’m still slugging away. I think I’m too attached to some of the initial pieces to really work on this objectively, so I’m going to step away from it tomorrow (unless I really can’t think of anything else to work on).

Anyhoo, instead of the hunched-over posture that I’ve been trying to hammer out, I opted for a bipedal stance. I’m not loving it. I also realized that I don’t know nearly enough about how muscles work.

Also, after further examination, the spoonlike lower jaw from Saturday night is all kinds of Rule of Cool- it’s needlessly difficult to draw, and really, the dragon can’t use it for anything! It still looks great the first time I drew it, but I’m kind of embarrassed that I couldn’t get it to look right, because I kept instinctively “tightening it up,” and making it functional.


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