Dragon-A-Day, Day 29

To the handful of you who commented on the actual blog posts at the blog, I accidentally deleted them all today. You might get notices about that, you might not. I’m sorry. :(

Of all the aspects of a dragon, perhaps the most overlooked is its ability to fly, something that makes it stand out (further) as a (presumed) biological improbability. The current known catalog of terrestrial organisms has reserved all flying vertebrate spots for four-limbed creatures only, with the upper limbs reserved for wings, to say nothing of the dragon’s prodigious size. Even as an arthropod, it would be unlikely.

Hmmm… Arthropod dragons…

Anyway, the Dickinsonian gas/fire theory springs to mind, though I personally don’t think that it requires spherical dragons. At any rate, I don’t know enough about kinesiology nor aerodynamics to discuss this intelligently at this point in time, so here are some sketches of the heavyweight dragon from Sunday launching itself into the air.

Click to enlarge.

And, as an added bonus, here is something that fell out of my head on the way home from ASIFA drawing tonight. There’s more of a story to it, but it’s sort of a jumbled mess in my brain at the moment. The text, if you can read it, was the “hook.” Those of you who are meant to get it will; the rest of you can just enjoy the extra dragon sketch.

I’ll be attending Con on the Cob from Wednesday (leaving early to drive out, long story) to Sunday night; I’ll still be drawing, but there’s a chance that I might not be able to post. I’ll do my best to get them online.

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