Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 505: Kicking and Screaming.

This one kind of got away from me, but I like it.

I had wanted to draw a flying dragon at three-quarter turn breathing fire; I drew the head too close to the edge of the page.  Also, I didn’t place all the pieces before getting into the details, which made me leery of killing my darlings and starting over- I got really attached to that head, which made placing the right wing a hyoooge pain, because I didn’t want to risk drawing through it and messing it up.

And I’ll admit that I didn’t quite know what to do with the lower body- the head and neck kind of outgrew the original construction lines so there was a lot of improvisation and careful erasing there because, again, I didn’t feel like harming anything tonight.

But, on the whole I feel like I managed to salvage it enough that it’s presentable, so here you go.

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