Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 514: In Observance of Family Traditions.

So it was Thanksgiving, and one of the things that my immediate family does (over the last few years anyway) is make a whole lot of food that we eat only a tiny portion of (and eat leftovers for the rest of the month, sometimes well into December, depending), and then watch a handful of movies until it gets real late, at which point cleaning ensues.

This year’s celebration got off to a later-than-usual start, but we managed to watch two Jackie Chan films- The Spy Next Door and The Forbidden Kingdom. (We also watched a Garfield DVD that I can’t remember the name of while waiting for things to finish cooking.)

So I walked in with dishpan hands, too many Tupperware dishes crammed with stuff (to say nothing of the close to 10 pounds of turkey), and not much of anything in the form of inspiration tonight… until I lit upon the more-or-less-obvious, especially after watching the second movie…

I’m not in love with the scales; they seem to flatten it out, especially since I tried to do a more sinuous pose. Ah well, it’s really late, and the heat’s (somehow) not on in the building, so I need to scurry into bed where it’s reasonably warm.

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