Dragon-A-Day, Day 36

At the suggestion of a friend, I took a stab at an alternate design for the Grinning Dragon:


return of the Grinning Dragon


I made the fingertips fat and ridged, like a gecko’s, and the secondary arms are somewhat opposed, to give a wider grip. the hind feet have thumb-like dewclaws, but the forefeet don’t.

While at dinner with some of my College Pals, during a lull in the conversation(s), I came up with this. I had been mulling over the similarities between the Macejaw Dragon and the Grinning Dragon- mostly the idea that it was another dragon with a pronounced, spiky chin, so I thought up a bit of myth to tie it all together. You might have noticed that I made the Grinner’s chin-spikes a little more organized, to differentiate the two further:


“They angered the gods somehow. So much that they took fire from us both, then wings and eyes from them. But they still live, chuckling over some joke that only they know.”
-Macejaw wisdom regarding the Grinning Dragons.

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