Dragon-A-Day, Day 41

Today’s dragon is brought to you courtesy of Watch Out For Snakes.com, and their delightful Random Word Generator.

Today’s word was “Pinch.”

I was feeling good, but tired and a little uninspired when I came home today after playing Magic: the Gathering with some friends, and almost blew off the Dragon-A-Day. But, I didn’t, although the more complex ideas I had had at the start of the day were beyond me.

I keep thinking that I ought to add a “wingless” category or tag to the blog, so I guess I’ll do that now. I do feel that this little one is a bit… unadorned, but I wasn’t sure what to add. A dorsal ridge or vertebral spikes didn’t seem appropriate, and wings were getting in the way. Maybe some sort of chameleon-style striping when I’m not so tired, as it’s definitely chameleony, and I’m not afraid to admit that I did not want to kill this particular darling tonight.

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