Dragon-A-Online: Day 588: Unfocused, Unrelated.

First off, remember that artwork I was doing for my page in the Directory of Illustration?

No? I understand.

Well, anyways, I started doing some sketching/kicking around ideas for the page in the actual book, and they’re dragon-related, so I figured I’d show them to you:

sketched on scrap paper.

02042013 - Speed Kills Friendly.

Basically, the idea is like with my banner, I am aiming to show the fact that I can do artwork for a range of subject matter, expressed through dragons (naturally). I think the second one needs a bit more work, though the first would probably do with a bit of tweaking as well.

Anyhoo, I had originally planned on doing “New Packaging, Same Product,” but my night has melted away and I don’t seem to be able to focus properly. So, as usual, we turn to the Random Word Generator.

Let’s see… Relationship, Steer, Image… Am? Common nouns aren’t providing much help here…. And neither are intransitive verbs.

Bah. Here is an unrelated dragon that started off as a Benthic dragon, and somehow turned into something a little more adorned and vaguely dolphin-like in countenance.

02042013 - unfocused, unrelated.

I do like the facial armor and the gem in the forehead; if I had a bit more presence of mind, I might have done something to play that up a bit more. Anyway, it’s far too late for such things. I’ll have to do better tomorrow.


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