Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 589: More Complex Than It Looks.

So  I started writing a description of my dragon, as if trying to describe it to someone who had never seen it before, and the description just kept growing:

“The dragon is medium build, with 2 wing-fingers + thumb, two fingers +thumb on his hands and 3-toed feet. A sail runs from the base of the neck to 2/3 down the tail (tail is about 2/3 body length), and a hood like a cobra’s lies in the middle of the neck, extending or retracting with mood. Large fins adorn the sides of the head, and the dragon also has large, [slightly] recurved horns that run straight back. The fins run from the sides of the head to the chin, and get smaller as they do. The dragon’s dorsal side is marked with a large “splotch,” as if it were struck with a bag of red paint (the main color is a medium green), spatters and all. The wingsails[,] hood and head fins are not (though maybe they should be[)], but all upper or forward-facing (ie: limbs) surfaces are marked with it… I think that’s it.”

02052013 - More Complex Than It Looks.

I almost don’t know where to start.

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