Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 650: Wrasslin’!

Today was Wrestlemania. And the event was entertaining, though not always for the reasons intended. While sitting through the underwhelming main event, I remembered a little bit of gaming material that I stumbled over a few months back, and had intended to do something with for this space.

That material was King of the Ring by Little Red Goblin Games, whom I have never worked for. The inspiring bit of prose (in case you didn’t click the link above) went a little something like this (edited some for brevity, but really, go look at the product page):

“Can you smell what Little Red is cook’en?”

Jigsaw McGraw stood, entire body tense, as the dragon landed before them. The half-orc licked his non-broken tusk as his friends tried to calm the wyrm from his chosen course of action. Something about burning down an entire village for not giving it a whole flock of sheep. That didn’t matter to Jigsaw, he was more interested in this new challenge. The defiant roar of the dragon made him smile, as he knew it would soon be his time to shine.  …   Jigsaw strained every muscle in his body as he lifted and lifted and lifted. He held the dragon over his head and brought him down hard behind him, laying it down on top of its own wings. He had done it, he had suplexed the dragon.

Let me pull out the important part of that:

Jigsaw McGraw … He had done it, he had suplexed the dragon.

One more time, for clarity:

… he had suplexed the dragon.

Still with me?

Suplexed. The dragon.

So naturally, this happened, though I forgot the part about the dragon having wings (though why it would be hanging around on the ground waiting to be suplexed confuses me):

 Suplexing a dragn. Your Argument is Invalid.

And I figured since I was already this far, I might as well do a demotivational as well, though I might not be using the meme correctly:

demotivational: Suplexing a dragn. Your Argument is Invalid.

Click for fullsize.

I think I’ve mentioned that the dragons usually win around here, but really, this was too ridiculous not to do anything with. I believe I’m going to color it. Eventually. After all the other stuff I need to get done.

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