Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 652: The End of Subtlety.

Remember that Pathfinder adventure I was telling you about? Well, two weeks ago, we played again, and despite everything (there had been the Big Reveal that the main enemy was in fact, a dragon the week before, and we all knew that we were going to fight it that week,) we managed not to fight it, mostly through some really interesting in-character decisions.

Some people were frustrated by this, others just ran with it. In the end, we decided that the party was going to hunt the dragon down somehow and we would fight it the next time we convened. Prior to this, I had been playing off of (or trying to play off) the group’s preferences for character interactions, and had set things up to be more subtle. Now, there is nothing planned for tonight’s session aside from how many PCs I can kill before economy of actions does my dragon in once and for all.

04092013 - The End of Subtlety.

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