Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 675: Bottled Fury.

I wanted to do a fire-breathing dragon tonight, but couldn’t get the pose quite right.

SO, I did this:

 05022013 - Bottled Fury.

Which is based off of this (it actually draws from Golden Axe 1 and 2; the dragon animation in the video below -skip ahead to about 14:35- and the bustier Tyris-Flame design from Golden Axe 2 for the console, because I was on a train and didn’t remember what she looked like in Golden Axe for some reason…):

And between you and me, dear reader, considering the trouble that I had with the face, I am wondering (once again) if I should start some sort of “Human-A-Day” project. Oh, one more thing: I finished inking the other dragon, but I need to do his props, including swapping out the knight with a better one (this will make more sense when it’s done, I promise:

Trade your Dessert?

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