Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 757: Best-Laid Plans.

I have not been sleeping well. Partially because of the heat wave that rolled though the northeast, along with my determination to keep a somewhat normal schedule (I’ve been falling asleep, or at least wanting to sleep, at the time I would normally wake up).

I planned to sleep late today because A) it was Saturday and B) I knew I was going out tonight, but my Scumbag Brain decided that 9am was the perfect time to wake up and go about the day.  The rest of me didn’t agree, but going back to sleep never really became an option. Even when I had the opportunity, I couldn’t fall asleep, though I was sprawled out in bed trying to sleep.

Of course, here are others who have had much worse days than me (and I’m not talking about who you’re thinking I’m talking about), but this is my space to rant about crap, so I’m doing that right now. /rantover

So it’s wayyy later than I should be up, considering the amount of sleep I’ve had, and I find myself staring at my sketchbook, feeling too self-conscious about making a Bad Drawing to do anything, though out of a similarly hasty/unfocused piece of artwork, the Annoyed Dragon was born….

This is probably not as inspiring, though.


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