Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 817: But Enough About Me…

So it’s not always obvious, but I started a new sketchbook awhile back. And as I sometimes do, I thumbed through it tonight looking for inspiration, at which point I realized that just about everything from the end of August until now in this book has been about my personal life, so I set out to make something up.

Remember the Diligord from last month? Well, I went back and tinkered with it:

09112013 - But Enough About Me...

While I was working, I thought of it more like a semi-aquatic creature, like an alligator, as you can probably tell by the limbs, though I suppose it could move through mud or even sand with its low-slung carriage. Probably uses the beak to crush shells or something, if not just plain sever appendages. The throat pouch could be like a pelican’s bill, but with some external protection or something- maybe throat teeth that further macerate prey items? I’m kind of spitballing here. You might notice that it’s closed like a blue whale’s underjaw, unlike in the original where it was a bit expanded.

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