Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 830: Look and Feel.

So while sitting in tax class tonight idly sketching (for some reason, we’ve been spending entire classes going over things we were supposed to read in preparation for class, and I had read most of it a few hours ago), I had the realization that I don’t often consider texture when I’m drawing, or at least I don’t consider it very much.

I mean, there’s the occasional flap of skin or wrinkle, but only that, and also, many of my dragons are smooth. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing; just something that I’d noticed. So while I’m not much of a crosshatcher or stippler, I decided that maybe I ought to give it a shot, especially as the pencil is my preferred weapon of choice:

09252013 - Look and Feel.

Mostly, I was trying to get my bearings and figure out what I can do without having the pieces look overworked- I still have a ways to go.

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