Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 838: Whoaaa…

So probably through a strange combination of things including but not limited to the events of the last few months, the events of the last few days, the lousy Smarch weather and I don’t know what else, I got sick. A talk with a friend resulted in the idea that I should take some medicine.

Specifically, that I should take some NyQuil. I used to take it as a kid, I remembered, and it always did the trick, or at least that’s what my fuzzy memories told me, so I trudged out and bought some.

Then this pretty much happened:

The play-by-play more or less went like this:

  • Gulp 30ml of Green Death.
  • Oh Sweet Jesus as it coats my itchy throat and sends a soothing warmth through my system. Go back to playing Darksiders II (still trying to grind out trophies).
  • Maybe 30 minutes to an hour later, my hands start shaking and I feel a little woozy. Maybe I should go to bed.
  • Some amount of time later, I draw this and stumble into bed. Pretty sure one or both of my feet was numb too:


    “Woke up feeling sick.

    After several hours of home remedy stuff,  I remembered that NyQuil used to do the trick.

    So I bought some (Original Green Death Flavor), and now I’m wondering what the Q has to say.PS: I don’t believe I’ve had NyQuil in about 10 years or more.”

  • Lie abed as the powerful decongestant and what-all-else freezes the mucus in my body, but the painkillers seem to stop working, making my itchy throat exponentially worse. Can’t fall asleep because of the discomfort, can’t really do anything about it because I am sooo hopped up on goofathol right now. I also can’t take another dose for another 6 hours or risk liver damage or possibly slipping into the 6th dimension as the Q whispers secrets into my foggy brain.
  • roughly 5 hours into the ordeal I am wishing I had a shaman or something with me and succumb to taking a half-dose in the name of pain management. Sometime later, I wake with my cold drastically altered, though the change is in fact reminiscent of my childhood colds, so I guess I can’t be mad.
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