Dragon-A-Day Onine: Day 869: Sleepytime.


Not to leave my devoted fans waiting, here is the Very Short Version of what happened today:

  • The Angry Mob was a whole two people (counting me), and in fact we were quite reasonable.
  • This was probably a good thing, because the landlord was lying in wait with his “I’m legally entitled to raise the rent on all apartments in the building and start legal proceedings against everyone who has missed a rent payment, so don’t piss me off” hammer.
  • As it turns out, there is a new heating system ready to replace the faulty current one, but until the Department of Buildings okays it, things might be randomly bad for awhile. I personally do not know what the situation is with other apartments (despite everything that happens/has happened here, there is no sense of community; one would think that the “common enemy” in the form of Management would get people interested in knowing who their neighbors are, so I don’t know many people aside from my literal neighbors), but I had heat and hot water today, and hopefully will going forward.
  • I and the other member of the Reasonable Duo did our best to explain what was wrong, and we might even have gotten through to him that we didn’t want to fight, verbally or legally, but in the long run, I came away not feeling heard and wondering what was going to happen next.

So that’s that.

The hour-long conversation left me feeling drained and unable to do Anything Important for most of the day, so I suppose it’s fitting that I turn to the last person in the draconity queue.

Dradolan writes:

Also I just wouldn’t mind yet another close up with me wearing a hat like in http://www.dragonaday.com/?p=823. Maybe me lying down, sleeping or something.

So I did this:

11142013 - Sleepytime.

In Dradolan’s forum signature, his dragon lies on a pile of pillows, like some other dragon that’s fairly popular around here. I got so focused on that that I forgot the hat, as well as the tail (which, from a design standpoint, is a clear identifier that the dragon is who he is, and not some other dragon), which I had been thinking about at first. I suppose I could have thrown the tail in at the far right, but I felt that the pose didn’t really allow it. I did try to perch a hat of some kind on him too, but it was looking too tacked-on, not at all like it was supposed to be there… Maybe I’ll do it again sometime.

PS:  I’m pretty sure that this is the only post with some form of the “sleep” tag that isn’t  about me. :)

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2 Responses to Dragon-A-Day Onine: Day 869: Sleepytime.

  1. mordicai says:

    Your landlord is likely full of shit. Not having heat in the winter is not an okay thing & NYC protects tenants. At least in theory. If you’ve got a lawyer buddy you might want to talk to them; your landlords are likely on the offensive because they know they are in the wrong.

  2. Phill says:

    You’re probably right.
    I don’t have a lawyer to speak to, but I intend to investigate further if I can.

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