Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 934: Incredible Eggs.

So I went out and played Commander tonight. Prossh did rather well with the addition of Food Chain, but the real story was the last game I played before leaving, where Dragon Broodmother showed up early and brought all her kids, somewhere between 16 and 20 all told, including the one that ate 9 others and became a 19/19.

On the way home, I realized that I should have my own Dragon tokens for her, as well as Utvara Hellkite, so I started thinking about it, but ended up just drawign an aggressive-looking hatchling, because I felt that Dragon Broodmother tokens should at least look like the Broodmother herself, and I didn’t want to pull out my deck on the train (it was a short ride, then I got on a bus).

Anyway, dragonling:

01192014 - Incredible Eggs.

I realize that there should probably be a lot more egg gunk and probably a top half of a shell somewhere in there, but clearly my focus was on the ‘ling.

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