Dragon-A-Day, Day 78…and a half.

I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the last few, um, “draconic thoughts” posts I’ve been making, so here are some Selroths. Official Dragon-A-Day post later tonight.

One of the things that we’ve been trying to pin down with this project is the proportions of the ‘roth. Selroth did a lot of examining, measuring and thinking, comparing my pieces to others that he had commissioned, and came up with some new proportions that seem a little narrow to me, but I did my best to follow the step-by-step guidelines he’d thoughtfully written out. Some of the parts didn’t seem to line up properly, and in the little time I had left to work on it (the way that the commission process for this works is that I’m spending a little time each day conceptualizing them, then he critiques them, and gives new input, lather-rinse-repeat), I tried to kick out two more with not much success.

I don’t like these two, especially not the front view, but the question of the bottom of the cheek lining up with the muzzle is still a good one. We’ll see what happens down the line.

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