Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,012: The Flowers That Bloom In the Spring.

(Somehow there is nothing about pollen in this song.)

I’ve been plagued by a mildly itchy palate, though my nose is dry and my eyes more or less unwatery- except when I was super-tired, and at that point, my throat was fine, so that doesn’t even count. I’d really like to avoid that once-a-year cold I seem to have gotten along with this apartment if I can.

04072014 - The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring.

I’m actually rather pleased with this sketch; I had meant initially to dash something off so I could shove some Claritin into my face and go to bed or something, but I went in and did up the details, even shading the plague-smoke to separate it from the already very busy neck/head/eye spaces. The dragon looks more powerful than it has in awhile, which I also like. I’ll admit that i got a little stuck and decided not to do the middle shade for the open spaces, but I always kind of thought of the plague dragon as a bit pallid.

It’s also interesting to note that the last three days have been the head and neck of a dragon, with the dragon at the right side of the page. I only realized this just now.

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