Dragon-A-Day Online, Day 1,032: A Bit of Polish.

So I went and did some redrawing, and it was totally worth it:

Tiamat roughsI’m quite happy with it, except for the green dragon (bottom left), because the 4th Ed redesign is atrocious and it can’t be helped.

With all this thought about Tiamat lately, I am reminded of the fact that very rarely, if at all have I ever been concerned about metallic dragons in D&D- you almost never get to fight them unless you’re playing in Eberron, and besides, the villains are always more interesting… in D&D 4th Edition, WotC even made the dragonborn into a natural raceĀ  (and oddly enough, I couldn’t find a decent link to support that, just a largish handful of comments/complaints about the effectiveness of the race, along with more than a few thoughts on dragonborn ladies and their boobs) as opposed to Bahamut’s divine champions (which was actually pretty cool), making them just that much more irrelevant.

So with that bit of rambling, I’ll leave you with this sad Platinum Dragon:

09272014 - A Bit of Polish.

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