Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,151: Untold (Hobo) Stories.

I thought about trying to muddle my way through clothes, then decided to explore another fancy-hatted dragon that I haven’t looked at in a few months:

08242014 - Untold (Hobo) Stories.

I’ve written a lot about a number of the other recurrent dragons in this blog- the Interloper and The Little One come to mind straightaway, but the Hobo Dragon is largely unexplored territory. Who was this dragon before he fell on hard times? What is in that bindle? Was his stovepipe hat always bent like that, or was it a result of whatever forced him into the hobo life? Why does he even have stubble? How does he feel about “Victory Yosef” stealing his look? All sorts of unexplained backstory.


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