Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,212: Bleary.

Here’s some of that backlog I’ve been fussing about that came up while working on that freelance thing that had me staying up all hours of the night and not leaving my home for 3 days:

Picture it: On the third-and-a-half day of working on that freelance gig (which mainly consisted of staying up till past 3, waking up at/around 9, crawling out of bed to do it all over again), the project is complete.

I eat a sandwich, water my basil plants, then pack my bag and head off to the airport so I can fly out to Florida for the weekend to visit my father. After an uneventful flight and some polite reunion later, I’m sitting on the bed in his guest room around 10pm, I remember I need to draw.

I’m half-dozing over my sketchbook as this little dragon comes peeping out:

a little dragon peeks out from an obstacle in the corner of the page.And here we are.

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