Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,225: (Cute) Thing From the Deep II, Or “Digging in the Crates.”

Once upon a time, probably back in 2010 when I didn’t always have internet, I came up with a dragon called the Seawing. It had an almost absurdly deep keel, winglike pectoral fins and a long tail.

Last night’s dragon put me in mind of that, and after maybe 20+ minutes of rifling through 5 years’ worth of sketchbooks (I really need to label these things better) and not finding the originals, I attempted to recreate it from memory:

11062014 - (Cute) Thing From the Deep II, Or "Digging in the Cra

I think that the fins were positioned lower, or maybe that they were farther back- I know that somewhere there’s a bunch of breastbone-y sketches somewhere, possibly in a box or something (which might mean that they never made it here, sigh). I say this because I don’t remember the silhouette being so cluttered.

Imma keep looking and let you know what I find.

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