Dragon-A-Day, Day 110

One of the things that I’ve found odd about my draconity queue is the number of dragons that I’ve come across with, well fur.

As if a hexapodal, flying, fire-breathing reptile were not odd enough, I have the nerve to bring up the presence or absence of body hair… Sheesh.

Anyhow, it’s another Stupid Late Night, so here is Lunarya.

She writes:

Style: Western

Relative size and build: normal…size? maybe the size of Saphira in the movie…or a teeny smaller. Slender

Horns: long silver horns, pointed up and slightly curved like an S.

wings: Like a bat wing, has 4 fingers, the top one is more like a long thumb. the dark blue fades into black at the end. Black Fur on the other half of the wings. the picture doesn’t show this very well, but the wing membranes are further down the tail.. kinda like Malygos in WoW… seen in this picture here http://aatwow.com/aatwimg/MalmeansBAD_BEE6/Malygos_010509_2220118x6.jpg. …yeeah lol

Accouterments: Ears. Fur on arms and legs and on half of the wings, (see picture). 4 small silver horns outlining the jaw. Blue fades into black on the tail and the legs.
Any other distinguishing features: Darker blue Backplates, starts at the shoulders and ends a little starting into the tail. Light blue backfin from the shoulders all the way to the tail, and wraps around into a fan. Black “mane” The eyes are silver with a gold outlining the pupil. Light Cream stomach with 4 ‘horns’ on the throat(see picture).

Demeanor or common activities: being lazy… or being cute with wily charms… Curious nature.

Anything else that makes this dragon an individual: Uuuh…. I don’t know… sleeping and eating.. yey

Here are some pictures, they aren’t exact but … yeah. Tail is a little too long.

^In this picture I forgot to add the 4 horns on the jaw line.

I know it won’t be exact. Have fun drawing it x) I appreciate it

There’s a lot of color information for a sketch, but obiously, I’m more concerned with the parts and how they fit togetherr.

The furry bits were odd to me, especially on the wings. This dragon also looks like she is wearing legwarers; but that was how the fur ended up looking.

The hands are supposed to be in a posture as if the dragon were a little nervous or shy. I’m not sure if it reads; the eyes were making her look more frustrated or angry at first. The fur threw me; I forgot about it on the legs for awhile, then I remembered that it was supposed to be black (I blame sleep deprivation), and went back nad filled that in, so it’d stand out.

And that’s all i got right now. it’s cold, I’m about to pass out. At least tomorrow is Sunday, where I will do Nothing Important.

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2 Responses to Dragon-A-Day, Day 110

  1. Selroth says:

    That fur does look odd, mainly cause it’s mixed in with scales. I like the stance though! The face seems very well done. The wing fingers may be a bit short though – hard to tell.

  2. Phill says:

    Thank’ee. In her reference sketches, the first finger is sort of an extended thumb. And I just don’t “get” dragons with fur in the first place, but that’s just me.

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