Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,245: nananananananana…

So I was tired and maybe under-caloried again with no idea what to  do. Fortunately the good people at artprompts.org were kind enough to prompt me to draw

“A bat-themed dragon”

A bit of Googling around led me to this list of bats, which made me realize that I ought to look past the scaly and slimy kingdoms for influences/references; pretty much all of them had at least a few dragony qualities to them. In the end, I picked the Frog-Eating bat.

Click to Enlarge.

Click to Enlarge.

At first, I kind of rushed into it, but I tried to avoid doing the same thing I did with the iguana-influenced dragon of a little more than a week ago (especially since the bat isn’t even a reptile), and sought that happy medium between reference and imagination.

If I hadn’t had to finish this in a single night, I would have worked it up a lot more- the area around the eye and the corner of the jaw really makes me happy with its depth. But I’m super-tired now and should get off to bed, so that’s as far as it will go, I’m afraid.

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