Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,301: Hounding After It.

Still feeling a bit rudderless, I started out trying to figure out what that (maybe not-so) vaguely canid dragon from yestereve might look like, but found myself a bit distracted, thinking about other non-normative dragons that have shown up here before, and briefly what other influences might end up looking like:

04202015 Hounding After It.

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I also realized that

A): I don’t know how to draw dogs that well.
B): last night’s head was more complex than I was really ready to take on after my first full day of dealing with crazy people and just-shy-of-surly “why didn’t I get my refund” people. I still think that this head could be attached to a pretty interesting creature, but I probably need to do a bit of research before I go all ham on it.

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