Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,336: The Golden Afternoon. Or Something.

I tried poking at the flower-shaped dragon at the end of an action-packed day, but got stymied by the fact that the original flower was kind of a generic flower shape (though I suppose the argument for carnation or daisy could be made), and I felt a bit compelled to try to make it a little more unique.

Problem is that creatures that look like flowers tend to look like specific flowers, case in point, the Orchid Mantis), and my knowledge of plant life is distressingly shallow. So I doodled around and came up with these:

05262015 - The Golden Afternoon. Or Something.

Click to Enlarge.


“I suppose in order to draw a dragon that looks like a flower I need to pick a flower to emulate… This is harder than I thought it would be.”

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