Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,347: Outside Influences.

Not sure how it happened (probably slowly, I was pretty tired) but this sketch reminded me pretty strongly of a 3rd ed D&D black dragon, and I took a halfhearted stab at making it a little more like a 2nd ed one (mainly by adding horns that I hadn’t planned for, but they’re not nearly long enough):

06062015 What's New Is Old Again.

Click to Enlarge.


And for completeness’ sake, I got off my duff, pulled this down from a shelf and took a picture of it because I couldn’t find a good picture of a black dragon from 2nd ed:

2nd ed Dragon's Den

The red and Green heads are not quite on par with what I remember from the 2nd ed Monstrous Manual, but black white and blue are (Click to Enlarge).


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