Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,373: Staring Off (to Bed).

Today was not the most productive of days.

I was under attack most of the morning into the afternoon by some pollen awakened by the recent spat of wet weather we’ve been having her in the American Northeast; I finally gave in and crawled into bed around 4:30. A few hours (and a few episodes of Sense 8, but only because I could not actually sleep) later, I decided that i should probably just go to bed, which meant that I needed to draw something.

So I sat at my drawing board, warming up my pen by drawing a curve which became a rough sphere. I intended to fill the page with various eyes, but I ended up coming back to the one in the center, and working that up to the point that more felt superfluous:

07022015 - Staring Off.

Click to Enlarge.

On a related aside, my eyes did not water today; just sneezy and drippy nose… I’m going back to bed. Be good everyone.

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