Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,405: Remembering Why.

It was the end of a long day. I sat at my desk, disconsolately rifling though the internet as I sometimes do in an attempt to unwind without feeling like I’m getting involved in something, and I finally decided to actually do something.

I started with a circle for a high, domed forehead and a wavy line for an undulating neck. A snout followed (and I wish I had progress photos, but I almost certainly would not have ended up where I did if I had stopped to document it), followed by some quick lines for horns. I took the time to try to make them symmetrical as far as the perspective went, but in the end I’m pretty sure I didn’t make it work.

Then drawing happened, and I kind of fell in love with ballpoint pens again. At some point I put on this song (which I had no idea was the theme from “Dexter”), and fell down the rabbit hole:

08032015 - Remembering Why.

Click to Enlarge.

I’m not sure what happened; it might just be that I was tired enough to get out of my own way and make something beautiful again (when I started working on it, I was lamenting to myself that these ballpoint sketches had lost a lot of the aesthetic that the earlier ones had, and perhaps I needed to move onto another medium), but whatever it was, I did good.

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