Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,506: Pearls and Lace.

Spent most of this morning listening to Lamb of God in my office with the door closed (it’s cold in the building and I wanted to keep the warmth that my little space heater made inside instead of trying to share it wit the rest of the staff), and when I got around to drawing tonight, I thought of this line:

11102015 - Pearls and Lace.

Click to Elarge.


Chasing the dragon in old ladies’ clothes

Whilst looking around for a YouTube clip or something of the song, I found that chasing the dragon is a thing, and that thing is probably the correct context for the lyric. However, I like my vision better, though I started getting a little into left field with the look of said dragon and ended up reining myself in somewhat before I felt it was too demonic.

Also, I was not in the right mindset to draw any kind of knitted shawl.

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