Dragon-A-Day Reboot: Day 14

I feel like I am stuck in a rut, so I tried coming up with different head shapes than those i usually use, while still maintaining a dragony feel.

I’m not entirely sure that I succeeded.

The one on the top right seems more birdlike than anything else. Proceeding down from there, the one on the topmost left looks more like an alien than anything else.

The spiky one beneath that is reptillian enough, but doesn’t quite scream “dragon” at me, the long-snouted creature under that one seems more like a gharial than a dragon. The large-horned head was me kind of grasping at straws and doesn’t really count. The toothy face is interesting, but again, isn’t dragony enough for me. The drooling head is too similar to my Mold Dragon to be considered new, though the one at the bottom (which was actually the one I did first) seems to sit well with me.

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