Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 31

Some of you might recognize tonight’s dragon from this post.

It’s Dradolan, having reentered my draconity queue. And, like Malibu Stacy, he’s got a new hat. He changed his avatar over there to include a bowler hat, which was his first mistake. Those that know me in real life know I am a fan of Fancy Hats, and as I rarely have opportunities to wear them, I will usually pounce on one if it should present its soft underbelly.

Anyhow, on to the self-critique: I like the way that I got the dark mane, the black horns and the (out of necessity, unless you’re the modern-day Riddler, who thinks he’s too good for spandex) black bowler hat to live together in relative peace in my sketchbook (the scan result might not be so kind; my laptop monitor needs to be calibrated) through judicious use of texture and pressure. I gave his face a little more structure than the first try, though his muzzle could probably have been a little longer, and I probably could have done more with the highlighting, but I like it.

I hope Dradolan enjoys it; now I’m off to bed.

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2 Responses to Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 31

  1. Dradolan says:

    That. Is. Awesome!

    I love my expression/attitude you gave me and the way you did my mane (very stylish and appealing). My muzzle could have been longer but you said that and I agree. Still it is alright. It actually reminds me of an Argonian, except with hair. I don’t think my horns curved backwards, I think they were more straight than anything.

    Thank you so very much I love it X3.

    • Phill says:

      I had drawn the horns curving backward slightly the first time; it’s probably more obvious now that it’s a close up… >_< But you're welcome. I'm really glad you like it. :)

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