Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 35

I saw a cardinal from my window today.I was later told that it was a sign of good luck to see one.

Thinking on what the bird might portend and sketching its face later today made me think that most of my dragons are either a uniform color, or I’m just stupendously lazy (it’s the former). Very rarely have any of them had any real distinctive markings (though obvious exceptions exist); it’s just something that I never really thought of for some reason. It’s also mildly embarrassing.

So, thus chagrined, I came up with this:

Inkpot Wyrm

Inkpot Wyrms are normally a uniform light grey, except for the speckling on their front portions, particularly the foreclaws and chests- true to their common name among humanoids, the dragon looks like it did nothing so much as frolic in a pot of ink. Dark sepia tones and blacks are most common, but speckles of blue, red, and rarest of all, green are known to exist.

Despite its common name, the Inkpot Wyrm is not known to enjoy books or writing more than any other dragon, and will actually take offense quickly if it is suggested that the dragon offer aid or critique on one’s novel.

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3 Responses to Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 35

  1. mordicai says:

    Why do the images come through on the feed reader sometimes, but not others? Maybe, because it only displays summaries, it only shows the dragon if it the top thing on the page?

    • Phill says:

      In brief: Facebook.

      At first, it was set to display summaries in the RSS, Then I changed it to full text (including images) in the hopes of generating more feedback from the people who ONLY look at the blog on Facebook. However, FB didn’t like that, and has since decided to ignore my RSS feed in its entirety. I got it to recognize a post or two by flip-flopping the settings once or twice, (thus leading to your confusion) but since then, fail.

      After checking to see if anything updated (it didn’t) I’ve changed it to full text his morning, and I’ll be looking for some other FB option than the Notes app.

      Sorry about the confusion. :/

  2. mordicai says:

    No sweat. I DO read it in my Google Reader– I know I only comment occasionally but I follow along. I know people are of mixed feelings about Feeds, but personally I think full is the way to go; it might mess up your stat counters & ad revenue (if you had ads), but the possibility of wider distribution is worth it.

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