Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 70

Following a Facebook comment about the ethereal appearance of Sunday’s dragon, I was inspired to make something vaguely related to it.

As briefly as possible: In the Dungeons and Dragons game I run, the Mists of Ravenloft (along with a host of other nasty things) have invaded the campaign world. The version of the Mists in my game is a little different than the canonical description of such, but that’s not really important. What is important is that one of the players in my game suggested that Sunday’s dragon might be some sort of Mist-spawned wyrm.

So armed with that nifty concept, I came up with this, but I got sleepy and lost some of my impetus:

I kind of wanted it to look like a brooding raven, its body partially composed of malevolent vapor, but I don’t think that I quite succeeded. I like the concept of its wingsails being made of mist, though I think that i could have done better. As it stands, it’ll do for now; I need to go to bed.

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